BreakOut - Off the Wall Fun!

BreakOut - Off the Wall Fun!

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Off the Wall Fun!

Product Information

A world not so dissimilar to ours has some very strange inhabitants - tall, fun, flexible, strong-willed and quite unlike anything we know.

Bouncer lives happily with his girlfriend Daisy on a beautiful desert island. He has many friends - some are other paddles like him, and others are balls, a paddle's natural companion.

All was comfortable and quiet until Batnix entered the scene. On seeing Daisy he vowed to have her at any cost.

One day, while Bouncer was swimming far out to sea to rescue a ball, Batnix and his evil henchmen kidnapped the beautiful Daisy. On bounder's return to the island they zapped him from behind and imprisoned him in a dark and dank prison. Knowing of Bouncer's strong and loyal friends, Batnix ensured that they couldn't mount a rescue by scattering them in prisons across the world.

In his smelly and wet cell, Bouncer is chained to a ball, his punishment since his latest failed escape attempt. His only consolidation is a picture of Daisy pinned to the wall.

But then, as the noise of the guards grows distant, things start to happen. The steel ball gives a quick sideways glance, leaps into the air and smashes the chains. Freed from his launching the latest dash for freedom.

Will bouncer succeed? Can he rescue all of his friends? Ultimately, can he save Daisy and defeat Batnix once and for all?

It's up to you.

Product Features
  • Exciting power-ups and surprises
  • 3-D interactive worlds and levels
  • Competitive single or multiplayer action
  • Addictive fun for the whole family
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/Me (not XP Compatible)
  • Pentium 200MMX or higher
  • 32MB RAM
  • 50MB free hard disk space
  • 4X Speed CD-ROM Drive
  • 2MB Windows 95/98 compatible SVGA video card (should be compatible with DirectX 7.0 or higher
  • DirectX Version 7.0 (included) or higher (Breakout fully support but does not require DirectX 7.0 hardware accelerated 3D video cards
  • Windows 95/98 compatible sound card compatible with DirectX 7.0 or higher
  • 28,900 baud (for modem/Internet play)