BunkerHead Mossyoak Breakup Bugmesh System

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The BunkerHead Bug Mesh Camo Head Concealment System includes a No Touch Facemask, Hoodie, & Bunker Clips that you can attach to a cap of your choice for complete head camouflage. The Bunker Clips are designed to attach to baseball-style cap brims. An elastic tether connects them & stretches across the top of the hat bill, allowing you to secure your sunglasses & fishing lures to your hat. Hunters can attach leaves & small branches to the front of the cap to create a natural camouflage that blends in with the local foliage. The No Touch Facemask attaches to the Bunker Clips & provides face camouflage; it is supported by formable rubber-coated wire that can be custom shaped to prevent vision obstruction & allows easy access to the mouth for operating game calls. The masks generous ventilation ensures that your glasses, binoculars, & scopes will not fog up while you hunt. It attaches to the Hoodie using strategically placed Velcro points for full concealment. The Hoodie matches the No Touch Facemasks camouflage pattern & is also supported by a formable wire structure. Together, the Hoodie & No Touch Facemask work with a cap to conceal hunters heads without the discomfort of a conventional hooded jacket. The concealment system moves with your head to prevent obstruction & noise while keeping you fully covered. This system is made with Bug Mesh fabric, a lightweight, breathable material ideal for hunting in hot weather where insects are abundant. The BunkerHead Head Concealment System is truly one size fits all with its customizable wire forms, allowing people of all ages to hunt in total camouflage & comfort.

Includes a mask, hoodie, & clips designed to attach to a baseball-style cap; bug mesh material is ideal for hot weather & abundant insects

Clips attach to the sides of cap brims & are connected by an elastic tether that can also hold sunglasses, fishing lures, & leaves for camouflage

The mask allows easy access to mouth for operating game calls; generous ventilation ensures your glasses, binoculars, & scopes wont fog up

The hoodie works with the mask to conceal the entire head & neck comfortably & moves with you to prevent vision obstruction & unwanted noise

Face mask & hoodie are equipped with a formable wire structure that you can bend to customize the systems fit; one size fits all ages

Easily connects to any ballcap