Chef'sChoice 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener White

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Give your knife the professional edge trusted by the world's top chefs. This special platinum edition Diamond Hone knife sharpener has been expertly engineered to leave your blades with an incredibly sharp professional blade. Let the Trizor Edge technology sharpen your blades through a patented three step sharpening process. This technology utilizes the power of 100% diamond abrasives to hone your blade edge to razor sharpness. The magnetic guides increase control and allow you to create the best edge with ease.

  • Special Platinum Edition utilizes sharpening technology used by the worlds top chefs
  • Uses Trizor Edge?s three step process to Presharpen, Sharpen and Hone your blades
  • Marvel at the sharpening power of 100% diamond abrasives
  • Pre-sharpened in stage one, sharpens in stage two, hones and polishes in stage three
  • Includes a magnetic guide to ensure the perfect edge every time