Daisy Avanti 499 Champion Competition BB Rifle

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Daisy Avanti 499 Champion Competition .177cal BB Rifle

Designed specifically for controlled and supervised training use only.
Single shot, muzzle-loader
Comes equipped with a precision micrometer adjustable rear peep sight and a competition sling

Caliber: BB
Single-shot muzzle loading. Magnetic BB retainer steel shot
Barrel: Smooth bore steel
Action: Lever cocking, spring air.
Sights: Hooded front with aperture inserts; Adjustable rear peep
Safety: Manual
Max. Muzzle Velocity: 240 fps. (73mps)
Muzzle Energy: .70 ft. lb. (.90 J)
Stock/Forearm/Grip: Monte Carlo, stained hardwood stock; stained hardwood forearm
with internal compartments for additional weight for competitive shooting.
Max. Shooting Distance: 177 yards (162 m)
Capacity: Single shot BB

Weight: 3.10 lbs.
Overall Length: 36.25 in. (92cm)