Davis Rain Collector Cone & Heater f/AeroCone - *Not For Use With Clas

Davis Rain Collector Cone & Heater f/AeroCone - *Not For Use With Classic Rain Cone

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Rain Collector Cone & Heater f/AeroCone - *Not For Use With Classic Rain ConeRain collector cone and heater replacement kit Vantage Pro2 rain collectors with AeroCone. Heats ice and snow to keep your rain collector from freezing.All Vantage Pro2 stations come with the AeroCone. Unfortunately, the heater will not fit inside the AeroCone. This kit includes the heater and the larger old style cone to replace the AeroCone for those freezing winters that bring snow and ice.Keep snow from filling your Vantage Pro2 rain collector with this heater. Great for use in cold climates to measure freezing rain or the moisture content of snowfall.The heater warms the inside of the cone during cold weather. A thermostat switch turns the power off when temperatures rise and back on when they fall.Note: The heater must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Heater is not compatible with AeroCone; it is only compatible with the old style, larger rain cones.Specifications:Capable of melting liquid snow at a rate of 1/4" (6mm) of liquid precipitation per hourWarms only the inside of the rain collector and the cone itselfOff/On switch allows you to turn heater on when you expect freezing conditions, and turn it off again when weather warmsWhen turned on, the themostat switch turns power off if temperature reaches 110°F (43°C), and turns it back on with temperature drops to about 85°F (30°C)Cable length can be extended to 120' (36M) with two-twisted pair wire; further with single pair cableReplacement kit for stations with AeroCone rain conesIncludes:Old style rain cone, bird spikes, and debris screen24W, 24VThermal cut-off switchControl unitInsulating reflective blanketAC-power adapter50' (15M) cableRequires:Vantage Pro2 sensor suite or compatible stand-alone rain collectorMust be plugged into an electrical outlet