Howard Leight Quiet Corded Ear Plugs w Case 2 Pr

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Howard Leight Quiet Corded Earplugs provide comfortable, reliable hearing protection for shooting. The bell shape & patented "no-roll" design makes for easy insertion & a quick fit. The smooth, easy-to-clean skin is non-irritating & provides hygienic, all-day comfort. Suitable for use as shooting earplugs at the range or hunting earplugs in the field. The 2-pack comes with a convenient carrying case & high-visibility orange cord so you can easily access hearing protection when you need it.

Patented no-roll design makes easier h&ling & an better fit; Eliminates need to roll earplug between fingers to make smaller before insertion

Bell shape matches the contour of your ear canal to ensure a secure, comfortable fit

Smooth vinyl skin is non-irritating for easy wear & all-day comfort; Vinyl easy-to-clean; Promotes better hygiene & extend the life of the earplug

Built-in insertion stem is easy to grip between thumb & forefinger for quick, no-fuss insertion; the polycord allows for easy carriage around neck

Package includes a convenient carrying case to keep earplugs clean; ideal for use as shooting earplugs or hunting earplugs; 2 pairs earplugs per pack

Noise Reduction Rating of 26 provides good hearing protection for shooting