Howard Leight TrustFit Pod Corded Push In Earplug 3pk w Case

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Prolonged exposure to gunshot noise can lead to progressive, long-term hearing loss. Howard Leight TrustFit Pod Uncorded Push In Foam Earplugs offer a unique solution. Developed with the VeriPRO earplug fit-test system, these earplugs feature a dimpled tip which allows the foam to collapse, & a flexible stem for gentler push-in. This makes for easy insertion & removal, & eliminates the hygiene concerns associated with roll-down earplugs. The ergonomic design ensures long-wearing comfort, & includes a contoured grip paddle that fits naturally between finger & thumb. Suitable for use as shooting earplugs at the range or hunting earplugs in the field. The Noise Reduction Rating is 28 & there are three pairs of earplugs per pack.

Dimples in tip allow the foam to collapse for easy insertion; Design developed using the VeriPRO fit-test system to reliably measure fit consistency

Insertion is made easier with a flexible stem that allows gentler pushing of earplug into ear canal

Proper hygiene is ensured via the no roll-down insertion, especially if h&s get dirty while range shooting or hunting

Ergonomically contoured paddle fits naturally between finger & thumb for easy h&ling & insertion

NRR 28: Noise Reduction Rating of 28 offers good shooting hearing protection; 3 pairs of earplugs per pack