IronStorm for Windows PC (Rated M)

IronStorm for Windows PC (Rated M)

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The Last Great War Still Rages On...

Product Information

Western Germany, March 1964

The last Great War continues to rage on. All you have ever known is the madness of the front lines and of men butchering each other. War-torn Europe stands ripped apart by a front line that runs straight through the heart of Germany where American and Western European troops battle against enemy forces. In an eternal war that seems to have no end in sight, opposing forces mercilessly attack each other with unrelenting force, claiming small victories one day only to lose them the next.

As Lieutenant James Anderson you must infiltrate and destroy key enemy positions deep behind enemy lines using your sharpened combat skills and stealth where necessary.
If successful, your mission could finally put a stop to the carnage and restore what everybody has long since forgotten about: peace.

Alternative history:
between reality and fiction, Iron Storm takes place in an imaginary environment which has been inspired by real events. Iron Storm takes real elements from the First World War; trenches, barbed wire fences, mines, gas warfare, snipersand combines them with more modern elements from the Second World War; automatic weapons, radar, tanks, flame throwers as well as elements inspired by modern warfare; helicopters, lasers, electronics and more.

Levels Include:

The Western front line
When you arrive in the trenches, you will be informed of your mission and given a short training session in shooting skills. And then you're off fired on by the enemy, but guided by allied soldiers, you must head for the no man's land separating the two sides.

The Russo-Mongol front line
Having infiltrated the enemy camp, you must now go on alone through their trenches. Your C.O. Ccile Newcastle and Colonel Mitchell will use the information they receive in real time to guide you. Reassuring, eh?

Now deep in the heart of a German town you are drawing near your first target. The town has been deserted by its inhabitants and is controlled by the Russo-Mongols watch out for the many enemy snipers and patrols.

The science complex
This run down old factory is actually serving as cover for a large science complex. Be careful you don't end up a radioactive mutant like their guinea-pigs!

The 'Tsar Ivan' armoured train
Forced to hitch a ride on a mysterious armoured train, you must choose the right option: hide or confront your enemies. A wrong choice could well prove fatal

The Reichstag in Berlin
The enemy HQ! No information on it is currently available

Product Highlights

Second Lieutenant James Anderson
Born in 1924, Anderson is a war child, an orphan of unknown parents. At 19, he volunteered for the army and advanced quickly through the ranks to become a second lieutenant. Now, in 1964, he has managed to stay alive and is a legendary figure in the trenches. He only has one motivating desire: to survive. Psychological profile: he is at breaking point

Baron Ungern Sternberg
Born in Estonia towards the end of the nineteenth century. Taking advantage of the civil war between the White Russians and the Bolsheviks, he succeeded in stabilizing the Mongol empire, building a mighty army and seizing power. An inflexible, mystical Buddhist, he is sickened by capitalist speculation and European politics and therefore wants to expand his empire from Vladivostok to the Atlantic. Radically different from traditional Tsarist officers, the Baron is tormented by dreams of grandeur and is fiercely independent. He is attached to his troops but is also capable of unparalleled cruelty.

Ccile Newcastel
Her career got off to an exemplary start and, at 32, she is a captain in the prestigious Royal Highland Regiment, and is Lieutenant James Anderson's commanding officer.
Respected by her men and with a spotless service record, she is nonetheless uneasy, aware that she is that certain lobbies wish to see the war continue as they are making vast sums of money from it.

Patrick N. Mitchell
A colonel at 32, Patrick Nathan Mitchell is a real gung-ho trigger-happy type. However, he doesn't owe his high rank to his liking for human targets alone. He has also managed to ingratiate himself with some very highly placed individuals. Passionate about technology, he loves expensive toys and weapons Unfortunately, his manic-depressive nature means that he is never slow to use them.

Product Features
  • Immersive Story-Drive Action: Stunningly detailed 3D graphics provide an incredibly realistic environment reinforced by amazing sound effects.
  • Advanced Enemy AI: Enemies take cover, duck into corridors to reload and use squad techniques to flank and organize attacks.
  • Varied Game Modes: Toggle between first and third person views on the fly offering unique tactical alternatives and allowing you to see the inventory of weapons actually strapped to your back!
  • Multiplayer Action: Join the fight online as you battle through enemy territory and strongholds. Multiplayer modes include DeathMatch and Capture the Flag.

Product Reviews

"...a prime contender for action title of the year."
- Gamerslick

"...a solid entry into the market with an interesting story and plenty of attention to detail."

Windows Requirements
  • Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
  • 500MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • 8x CD-ROM Drive
  • 700MB available Hard Drive Space
  • 32MB Direct 3D compatible video card
  • DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Supported 3D Cards: All NVIDIA GeForce cards, NVIDIA TNT2, ATI Radeon 8500, ATI Radeon 7500, ATI Radeon, Matrox MGA-G
  • Pentium 166 MHz (200 recommended)
  • 16 MB RAM (32 recommended)
  • 4 x CD-ROM Drive
  • 3D Accelerator Video Card

Recommended Requirements

  • 1GHz or faster CPU
  • 256MB RAM
  • 16x CD-ROM Drive or faster
  • 32MB or greater Direct3D compatible video card
  • EAX-compatible sound card

Multiplayer Requirements
  • 1 disc per player per computer
  • Internet (2-16 players
  • 56Kbps or faster Internet connection
  • Network (2-16 players): TCP/IP compliant network connection or LAN running IPX
  • Internet service required for Internet play