ITW Linx ITW-UP3B-235 Ultralinx 66 Block 235v Clamp

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'- 66 Block Primary or Secondary 235V Surge Protector
- UL Primary and Secondary listed with 350mA fuse for voice/fax/modem line (235V)
- Dual Indicator Lights: Protection OK and Ground Connection OK
- Solid-State Protection
- Single Pair Protection: Protect only the lines requiring protection
- Ideal for Retrofit Applications: Just remove the bridging clips from the block and replace them with the Protector, add the ground connection, and the pair is connected
- Grounding Requirements: Field-installed solid copper wire
- Recommended Grounding Impedance: <0.5 Ohm
- Fuse Rating: 350mA (1.6 Ohms)
- Signal Perfect Circuitry
- Clamping Level: 235V
- Response Time: 1-5 Nanoseconds
- Capacitance: <50pF
- Suppression Modes: Metallic and Longitudinal
- Wires Protected: 2-wires, 1 pair
- Termination Type: 66 M Blocks