Kingston Memory KSM29RS8/16MER 16GB 2933MHz DDR4 ECC Registered CL21 DIMM 1Rx8 Micron E Retail

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Kingston's KSM29RS8/16MER is a 2G x 72-bit (16GB)
DDR4-2933 CL21 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) registered w/
parity, 1Rx8, ECC, memory module, based on nine 2G x 8-bit
FBGA components. The SPD is programmed to JEDEC
standard latency DDR4-2933 timing of 21-21-21 at 1.2V. Each
288-pin DIMM uses gold contact fingers. The electrical and
mechanical specifications are as follows:


Power Supply: VDD = 1.2V

VDDQ = 1.2V

VPP = 2.5V

VDDSPD = 2.41V to 2.75V

Functionality and operations comply with the DDR4 SDRAM datasheet

16 internal banks

Bank Grouping is applied, and CAS to CAS latency (tCCD_L, tCCD_S) for
the banks in the same or different bank group accesses are available

Data transfer rates: PC4-2933, PC4-2666, PC4-2400, PC4-2133, PC4-1866, PC4-1600

Bi-Directional Differential Data Strobe

8 bit pre-fetch

Burst Length (BL) switch on-the-fly BL8 or BC4(Burst Chop)

Supports ECC error correction and detection

On-Die Termination (ODT)

Temperature sensor with integrated SPD

This product is in compliance with the RoHS directive.

Per DRAM Addressability is supported

Internal Vref DQ level generation is available

Write CRC is supported at all speed grades

CA parity (Command/Address Parity) mode is supported

21 cycles
Row Cycle Time (tRCmin)
Refresh to Active/Refresh
Command Time (tRFCmin)
Row Active Time (tRASmin)
Maximum Operating Power
IDD Specifications
Symbol 2933 Units
IDD01 531 mA
IPP01 27 mA
IDD11 630 mA
IDD2N2 396 mA
IDD2NT1 450 mA
IDD2P2 342 mA
IDD2Q2 378 mA
IDD3N2 540 mA
IPP3N2 18 mA
IDD3P2 441 mA
IDD4R1 1386 mA
IDD4W1 1107 mA
IDD5R1 612 mA
IPP5R1 36 mA
IDD6N2 477 mA
IDD6E2 1017 mA
IDD6R2 180 mA
IDD6A2 99 mA
IDD6A2 180 mA
IDD6A2 459 mA
IDD6A2 1017 mA
IPP6X2 54 mA
IDD71 1647 mA
IPP71 72 mA
IDD82 324 mA
UL Rating
94 V - 0
Operating Temperature
0oC to +85oC
Storage Temperature
-55oC to +100oC
Module Assembly
RCD: Rambus
Item Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch)
7 x 3 x 1
Warranty Information
Lifetime Warranty