Logicmark LM-37911 Life Sentry Product Kit

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'- Programmable to any central station
- Primary and secondary number and 4 digit user ID code
- Choose your own 4 digit dealer security code
- Choice of daily, weekly or monthly periodic test intervals
- Choice of transmitting restore codes
- Can be programmed or downloaded remotely over the phone
- Full supervision: Pendant communicates with base station every 13 hours to ensure proper connection
- Central station is contacted in event of a power outage or low battery or loss RF signal
- Audible prompts during set-up, programming, testing and full system check
- Pendant has rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Hours of talk time or up to 6 months standby time on a single charge
- 24 hour emergency battery back-up
- Combination of 4 pendants or Emergency Wall Communicators programmed to one base
- Water resistant pendant
- Built-in line-seizure relay seizes line during an emergency (optional use)