Mary Lou's Weigh Platform Weight Loss Fitness Coach

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The weight-loss scale that encourages and motivates instead of irritating
Product Information

Mary Lou's Weigh Platform is a motivational weight loss tool that allows you to successfully achieve your weight loss goal through positive motivation and reinforcement. You will never be told your actual weight - just how many pounds you have gained or lost. The Platform motivates and guides you through an achievable 10-pound weight loss goal by using combinations of audible weight loss feedback, music, applause, fun electronic tones, helpful health tips, and positive reinforcement messages. After your 10-pound goal is achieved, the Platform resets automatically so you can maintain your weight or go for another ten pounds.

Product Highlights
  • The Stuff You Need to Stay on Track - In order to support your weight loss goals every step of the way, Mary Lou's Weigh Platform includes motivation and information through a book, DVD, and the Platform itself.
  • The Platform - The Platform secretly records your starting weight the first time you step on it. After that, Mary Lou Retton will actually coach you along your path to weight-loss by telling you how much you've lost or gained and give you advice and motivation to help you through the day.
  • The Honest-to-Goodness Diet - This book is a collection of great advice from experts on weight-loss, written to be a source of inspiration and information - particularly on building a diet plan that will help you succeed in your weight loss goals.
  • The DVD - The DVD includes an interview with Mary Lou Retton and a video of her answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the Platform. It also includes tips of getting the best results while you work toward your goals.

Product Features
  • Smart reinvention of the typical scale that is far more enjoyable to use
  • Only know how many pounds you've lost or gained - not your actual weight
  • Designed for those fighting the long battle with yo-yo weight-gain
  • Audio feedback to motivate and guide you toward achievable 10-pound goal
  • Has a blue side and a green side to accommodate two users at the same time
  • Resets automatically when you reach your weight-loss goal

  • Weight Platform
  • A Better Weight DVD
  • Honest-to-Goodness Diet Book
  • 4 'AA' Batteries

  • Color: White
  • Power Source: 4 'AA' Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: 11" x 15" x 2" (W x L x H, Approx.)
  • Warranty: Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Note: Batteries are included, but are not guaranteed.