Poly-Planar USB-PM Panel Mount USB Charge Port - 12V

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Waterproof Dual-Port USB Charger - 12V

The USB-PM charger is an excellent option for marine, ATV, golf cart or automotive applications. With an output of up to 5VDC / 3A MAX, the charger can charge smartphones, tablets and GPS devices. The USB charger supports express charge mode for Android and Apple devices. The dual-port USB design allows user to charge up two devices at the same time. The product is IP-66/CE/FCC/ RoHS rated.

    - Dual-Port USB Charger
    - Input Voltage:12V DC
    - Output Voltage:5V/3A
    - Port A - single 2.1A Fast Charger USB port
    - Port B - single 1.0A Fast Charger USB port
    - Compatible for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/SmartPhone/HTC/Samsung/ Nokia/Sony/GPS/PDA/MP3.etc.
    - Applications: Marine, Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, UTV, rigid inflatable boat, golf cart
    - 70" power input wire
    - Waterproof IP66 rated
    - CE/FCC/RoHS certificated