SA Sports X-Bow Glide Premium Teflon Rail Lube

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SA Sports X-Bow Glide is a crossbow lubricant and serves to increase the longevity of your crossbow string and crossbow. X-Bow Glide will prolong your crossbow strings life as well as increase your crossbows speed. Use this lubricant sparingly on your crossbow; it can be applied to the rail, axles, string serving, cables, and other moving components. This lubricant formula is premium grade Teflon and silicone saturated; the 15-milliliter tube is easy to take with you on the go so you can perform crossbow maintenance on a hunt if necessary. X-Bow Glide delivers superior lubrication to enhance your crossbows string life expectancy.

Crossbow rail lubricant delivers an increased crossbow string life expectancy as well as improved speed

This lubricant formula is saturated with premium grade Teflon and silicone for smooth performance

The travel friendly 15 milliliter tube makes performing crossbow maintenance on the go convenient

Use the lubricant sparingly on the crossbows rail, axles, string serving, cables, and other moving components

Regular crossbow maintenance improves the overall performance of your crossbow and ensures longevity

Crossbow Rail

Longer lasting strings