SeaDek 4" x 36" 3mm Fish Ruler w/Laser SD Logo - Bimini Blue

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4" x 36" 3mm Fish Ruler with Laser SD Logo - Bimini Blue

101.6mm x 965.2mm x 3mm

SeaDek fish rulers offer a permanent and attractive alternative to stickers, tape measures, and other measuring devices.


  • Offered in a 3mm thickness with a brushed texture
  • 4" x 36"
  • Feature laser-etched numbers that will not fade or break down
  • Utilize peel-and-stick 3M pressure sensitive adhesive for easy installation
  • Providing traction underfoot, SeaDek fish rulers provide a non-skid surface for holding slippery fish in place for measurement

*Not to be used as a legal measuring device; application may cause distortion.