Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Gill Grunt Series 1

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Gill Grunt Series 1

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Product Information

A chance encounter with a beautiful mermaid served as the catalyst for recruitment to the Skylanders by Gill Grunt, a blue Gillman. Adventurous and friendly, Gill Grunt defends Skylands' oceans effectively, and enjoys a close relationship with both Trigger Happy and Spyro, the latter responsible for the Gillman's nickname.

An expert sniper, Gill routinely picks off attackers from long range with the help of his Harpoon Gun, frequently taking the enemy by surprise. An assortment of lethal water cannons and hoses complement his attack, and he also utilizes a handy JetPack to hover above the fray, providing cover for his fellow Skylanders.

Although his loyalty to the defense of the Skylands is absolute, Gill Grunt is always on the lookout for his true love, the enchanted mermaid who was kidnapped by pirates and remains missing.

Element: Water

Released With: Spyro's Adventure

Series: 1

Compatible With:

  • Spyro's Adventure
  • Giants
  • SWAP Force
  • Trap Team
  • SuperChargers
  • Imaginators