Swobbit Quick Dry Water Blade - 14"

Swobbit Quick Dry Water Blade - 14"

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Quick Dry Water Blade - 14"

Swobbit award winning water blades are made of high quality, medical grade silicone. Perfect for a drying all types of surface types and surface sizes.

No need for messy towels or chamois.

Whether marine, auto, RV or aviation, Swobbit water blades make protecting your investment, a simple one.


  • T-Bar edge whisks away water in one pass
  • Dries virtually any surface in 1/3 the time of messy towels, chamois or squeegees
  • 15 times less friction than towels
  • Safe for all finishes including paint, fiberglass, windows and enclosures
  • Can be used with the Quick Dry Uni-Snap adapter (SW21215) to dry hard to reach areas

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