Viking Electronics VK-PA-30 Viking 30 Watt Telecom Paging Amp

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'- Viking 30 Watt Telecom Paging Amp with Loud Ringer
- Drive up to (30) 8 ohm speakers
- 70V output can drive up to (50) 70V speakers
- Master volume control
- Separate volume controls for Auxiliary input, paging, ringing tones, and background music
- Choose from up to 4 ringing sounds: - Electronic warble (traditional loud ringer), Double gong (two identical gong tones), Quadruple chime (four descending chime tones), Door chime (ding-dong)
- Provides loud ringing or night bell
- Night transfer switch
- Page from an unused trunk port or paging port
- Can provide background music from an external source
- Use as a low cost stand alone power amplifier
- 600 Ohm output to drive additional amplifiers
- Use multiple units for more paging power