Vintage 30 CWT Chevrolet 1533X2 Model Trucks

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These 1941-1942 models Chevy trucks were specially ordered Modified Conventional Pattern (MCP) vehicles, which were upgraded civilian vehicles manufactured for military use at the factory & then further modified by the LRDG after receipt. This automobile model is 100% iron frame with metal, rolling wheels. The decal insignia & painted details give more of an authentic look. The models have seats as well as a steering wheel & minor details on the dash. The exterior details such as chain, machine gun, & storage compartments are securely welded on. When shipped, the item is packaged with foam inserts b&ed to pieces of cardboard to hold it in place.
100% iron frame
Metal wheels
Wheels roll
Painted & decal insignia
Includes details such as seats, steering wheel, & storage compartments.
Exterior details are securely welded on
100% iron frame

Country of Origin - US