Walkers Game Ear WGE-GWP-RSEMRH-FDE Fde Razor W/ Rubber Headband

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'- Bluetooth enabled for use with a cell phone or smart device
- The cool mesh headband is made of "TACTI-GRIP" high-performance silicone composite for comfort and breathability
- Comfort gel ear pads offer added cushioning
- The Razor shooting ear muffs feature active and dynamic sound suppression for a clearer and more comfortable audio experience
- High-gain Omni-directional microphones offer a greater range of audio
- Full, dynamic range HD speakers provide balanced and clear digital sound clear
- Lightning fast reaction time allows you to act quickly
- The hunting ear muffs also reduce wind noise to keep your focus on more important sounds
- An ultra low-profile design provides a discreet look
- Includes an audio input jack to keep sounds contained inside the comfortable shooting ear muffs
- A compact folding design allow for easier transport