Zman TRD Ticklerz 2.75in Hot Snakes 8 Pack

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The culmination of nearly a decade of testing & tweaking ElaZtech finesse baits, the TicklerZ is arguably the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Sporting a thick, dimpled body that mates seamlessly with ShroomZ & NedlockZ jigheads, its buoyant construction & widely spread quad-tentacles cause this bait to come alive on the bottom. Designed for bass but equally effective for a variety of fresh- & saltwater species, the TRD TicklerZ is a must-have regardless of your target.

Thick body makes for easy rigging on a variety of jigheads

Dimpled surface, extra soft material, & salt impregnated construction provide ideal texture that fish hold onto for longer than comparable softbaits

Tail tentacles spread apart at 45 degree angle to provide lively action with minimal bait movement & to prevent sticking together

Buoyant ElaZtech material provides for slower sink rate desired by Midwest finesse enthusiasts & st&s up off bottom at rest

Designed to pair perfectly with Finesse ShroomZ, Pro ShroomZ, NedlockZ & Finesse BulletZ jigheads

Ideal multispecies bait for a variety of freshwater & inshore saltwater applications